The Guide to your Kitchen Remodel and Renovation

Embarking on a kitchen remodel or renovation could be the most exciting project you ever undertake. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the site of so much time spent with our families – and if you’re feeling like it’s not reflecting what you want any more, a renovation or remodel could not only put a spring back in your step, but could likely raise the overall value of your house. 

But as with all building work, there are many things to consider – it’s no small thing to completely change one of the most important rooms in your house, and thinking through the essential steps beforehand will help you massively in the long run. 

So, we’ve compiled a guide to kitchen remodels and renovations – and we’ll show you why refreshing your kitchen could refresh your life. 

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Kitchen Remodel Benefits

While having a kitchen remodel or renovation can bring a huge amount to your home, you may fairly be asking: sure, but is it really that worth it?

In our opinion, the benefits of a kitchen remodel and renovation far outweigh the negatives. In addition to having the space you’ve always dreamed of – or tweaking your already-satisfactory kitchen to something even better – a remodel or renovation can help make your kitchen easier to navigate and cook in, incorporating ergonomic designs as well as improving the logic of the space. 

Also, a kitchen renovation can not only improve your home, but also your wallet. A kitchen remodel or renovation can provide an enormous return on investment for your property, meaning that when it’s time to sell on you’re doing so at a profit. Kitchen remodels or renovations can also provide your space with energy-efficient solutions, reducing the costs of your bills. For kitchens in Gloversville, the positives of getting your kitchen refreshed are enormous – and in our opinion, more than worth the building work. 


Kitchen Fixtures

A kitchen is a room with many technical aspects to consider, so making sure you obtain the right fixtures is very important. Speak to your contractor about what could work best for your kitchen, and investigate the best energy-efficient options for a new cooker, refrigerator, and lights.

Think about where you could re-use fixtures or appliances to save money as well as the environment – you could even investigate antique stores for old sinks or tiles, for example, for a trendy old-school effect! Check out some of Amsterdam’s flea markets to see if you can find anything unique. Finally, make sure you do your ordering on things you need well ahead of time.

What To Know Before Starting A Kitchen Remodel and Renovation

Before you begin your kitchen remodel or renovation, there are some essentials to bear in mind.
The first is to think about the timescale of the project. Kitchen remodels can take on average between 3-5 weeks, and for a kitchen renovation this may take even longer. Think about how you’ll live, work and eat during this time.

It’s also important to not be too ambitious about your plans: while it’s important to aim high, remembering that a kitchen remodel and renovation has its own limits is useful. It’ll also help avoid overwhelming your kitchen with too many bold design choices! Planning ahead on this is key. 


Finally, making sure you hire an expert contractor is vital. It’s, of course, tempting to feel as though you could go it alone, but a kitchen remodel or renovation is an enormous job and without professional help, you may be in for trouble. For any of your kitchen needs in Fonda, we’ve got you covered. 


Hiring A Kitchen Remodel and Renovation Contractor

As such, it’s important to research your contractor thoroughly and make sure their services are within your desires and your price range. A good contractor worth their salt will be able to achieve your dreams while keeping one eye on budget and logic. 

Building a strong relationship with your contractor through communication and clear goals is very important and will ensure that your project is delivered cleanly and to correct specifications. 

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